About Kitchen Norwich

Our designers are there to help you design your kitchen with you completely kept in the picture. We take all the hard work out of all the complications that may occur when planning your ideal kitchen. We do not want for any difficulties to throw you off planning your kitchen so we will do all the hard work for you. Leaving you to choose out your kitchen with peace of mind that your design is being complete by a specialist.

A designer will typically:
  • Will sit and go through your budget with you.
  • Find out your normal day to day life so that we can work around you for delivery.
  • Draw up a design and get some ideas on paper.
  • Take full measurements of the space you have for the kitchen.
  • Once you are happy with the design they will then place your products and material on order.

You can book you consultation with us at a time that suits you. Some properties can have awkward shaped entrances, corners, ceilings, and floors which means getting the design right has to done by our experienced designers. So our designers will survey your kitchen space, take all measurements and submit a quotation there and then for you. Our kitchen designers our fully trained to make sure that any challenging problems will be solved on the day of design.

All it will take to get your dream kitchen designed is just one hour. What are you waiting for!